< > DRINKING DOWN THE EARTH, 2009. Materials: natural clay, tea, pottery studio. Dimensions: installation variable

Drinking Down
The Earth

At the International Center for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A) in Vancouver, BC I set-up the gallery space as an open studio, collaborating with the artist Maggie M. Boyd.  Everyday for the duration of the exhibition Boyd and I made clay cups in the gallery using the natural, unrefined clay we had gathered from a rainforest outside of Vancouver.  A day’s worth of cups were transport each evening to be fired overnight and brought back to the gallery the next morning,

placed into stacks, and the cycle resumed.  Visitors to the gallery were asked to choose a cup from the fired stacks and join the artists in a cup of tea, after which we would smash our cups on the ground.  The 600+ shattered cups spread across the gallery floor taking over the space.  This project was developed during a six month residency at Centre A upon my return from a two month trip through India.  The residency was supported by The Canada Council for the Arts and The City of Vancouver.