< > 1+1=1, 2009.


In August of 2009, while living in Vancouver, BC I found a 1991 GMC Sonoma pick up truck on Craigslist for $500.00 and used my rent money to make the purchase – signing the ownership papers at dusk. This alteration propelled me to build a bunk bed in my friend’s room so that I could live rent free for a month, and sent me down the open road.  I was interested in using the truck as a replacement to the artist’s studio and have travel become my artistic process towards new works and new ways of understanding, little did I know that this catalyst would have the same effect on my life.  The truck lasted me 8 months and during that time I added near 40 000 kms to an odometer that was already nearing 400 000.  During its reign this truck gave me many gifts.  At the end of February of 2010, the truck finally met its end when a Mercedes Benz flew sideways into oncoming traffic, over the sidewalk and one car lane, fully airborne, and nose-dived into my driver’s side door as I was travelling at 50 Kms/h.  A moving target I was, as a moment came together to be fully realized by the impact, and its aftermath, in my art, my life and my truck; microcosms had collided and a new direction created.

Sometimes ephemeral meaningful actions were created, at other times objects found, built, and/or assembled document my artistic process/travel.


After driving 5300Kms with the driver's side window down I asked a friend to cut a braided lock of my hair as an attempt to preserve the moment of my accomplished journey.

The wild sage was gathered in the Badlands of South Dakota, traditionally the lands of the Lakota Indians, and tied into a smudge.

These two objects are bound to each other through their mutual documentation of the journey and destination.



Postcards I had purchased at a gas station in Northern Washington State.