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The Cave

To be completed.

“We experience life in the exciting interweave of subjectivity and objective observation, and in an area that is intermediate between the inner reality of the individual and the shared  reality that is the world external to individuals.”

D.W.Winnicott, Playing and Reality

The cave is our intermediate space in which civilization was cradled.  As grounds for our earliest stories—a surface to depict the natural world, the gathering place to listen to our oral traditions—we learn to relate and understand: to share.  The storyteller is the gatherer, weaving a collective knowledge and informing us of our connection.  Contextually, the storyteller also has the proclivity to inform us of a growing disconnection.
This project was developped for the 10th anniversary of Signal and Noise, as part of VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver, BC.

*Video component coming soon.