< > THE ROADTRIP MIXTAPE, 2009. Materials: Cassette tapes. Dimensions: 3" X 4"

The Roadtrip Mixtape

Over 8 days I drove from Vancouver, BC to Hamilton, ON listening to cassettes that friends had given me for the drive; a cassette deck plugged into the lighter socket of my truck was my medium.  Over the span of 5300kms certain songs seeemd to align themselves beautifully, almost syncronistically, with certain moments, such as driving through a beautiful sunset, or almost hitting deer in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere.  It was these songs that I selected

to be my Roadtrip Mixtape.  I had allowed the process of travel to transform my subjective (observed) experience into a shared reality, related to others though my mixtape.  This project was shown at the Art Gallery of Hamilton for their One Night Stand series, where I made copies of the mixtape in the space and handed them out to those in attendance.  A video was made to accompany the mixtapes for the exhibition.