< > TO GATHER FIRE ( 1984 - 2008), 2008. Materials: fire, lantern, Honda Accord. Dimensions: variable

To Gather Fire

In 1984 Pope John Paul II, on his visit to Toronto, Canada, lit a peace flame infront of Toronto City Hall using fire that was brought to him from a memorial in Hiroshima, Japan.  In its dedication to Peace the flame burns eternally and has become all too forgotten in its existence.

In 2008 I payed a visit to the papal Flame with my friend Ned, lit a match off of the Peace Flame in order to light a candle, and placed the fire in a lantern.  The reclaimed fire accompanied us to a dinner amongst friends where the flame burning throughout the evening was eventually left to extinguish.

The intention of this project was to allow the flame to complete its life cycle, releasing it from an abstract human intention that had restricted the flame from its nature.  With the flameā€™s extinguishing a space is left to be filled by a renewed effort towards Peace, thereby unshakling the initial effort from the token gesture it had become.

* Video component coming soon.